Floor Care

Maintenance and Care Instructions

Howell Hardwood Flooring is a proud member of the National Association of Wood Flooring (NWFA). We recommend visiting their website for floor care tips and additional information about hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors are an investment in the beauty and value of your residence or place of business. To ensure full warranty coverage and extend the beauty of flooring for many years the following preventative maintenance instructions are provided.

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly, since grit build-up can damage the finish and surface of the hardwood. The vacuum must be a brush or felt type. Be certain the wheels of the vacuum are clean and do not damage the finish. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar head.
  • Remove spills promptly using a dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Use a cleaner made specifically for the finish on the floor, which is something your flooring professional can provide or recommend when the job is completed.
  • Never mop or flood your floor with water or other products. This can severely damage the flooring.
  • Maintain relative humidity in the range of 28%-65%. If relative humidity is too wet or too dry, various problems may occur, such as small cracks/splits, cupping, crowning, etc.
  • Do not use soaps, liquid or paste wax products or other household cleaners that contain lemon oil, tung oil or ammonia.
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed and paws clean and free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil and stains
  • Use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood when moving heavy objects
  • Use felt floor protectors wherever possible. This will allow furniture to be moved while minimizing the opportunity for surface scratching.
  • Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on the floor.
  • Exposure to the sun and UV rays accelerates the oxidation and aging of hardwood. This causes the stain and/or hardwood to fade and/or change color. We recommend rearranging rugs and furniture periodically so the floor ages evenly
  • Place rugs or mats in areas prone to spills, such as in front of a sink, refrigerator and stove. Cotton mats are recommended. Mats with rubber backings can trap moisture on the floor and cause damage.
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