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• Fewer Callbacks
• Competitive Pricing
• Best Value


Without Seasonal Gaps
Because of Howell Flooring’s unique manufacturing process, Hapwood® engineered hardwood flooring boards fit together perfectly, regardless of width, style, or species, and eliminate cupping and gapping.

Hapwood® engineered hardwood flooring remains stable and flat during seasonal humidity changes.

Harvested and made in America means buying with no tariffs or shipping container shortages!
Cupping and gapping are caused by seasonal changes in humidity. Eliminate call-backs, lost revenue, and unhappy customers due to seasonal movement.


Hapwood® hardwood engineered flooring comes with the industry’s only warranty against seasonal movement.

Hapwood® has an unmatched track record of fewer than one claim per million square feet installed over the last 15 million!

Beautiful Hardwood Floors
Backed by the Industry's Best Warranty

The custom beauty of site-finished hardwood floors, without the cupping and gapping? Find out why Hapwood® floors perform better than solid hardwood floors. Ask a Product Expert today.

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