Character Crafted White Oak

With MinWax Provincial Stain

Project Description

“This was a purchase and remodel project. Howell recommended Smith’s Floor Coverings who installed the flooring. They did a great job and always kept us updated. They also helped with installing a new staircase which really helped the appeal walking into the foyer.”

“After 2 years of our hardwoods being installed, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Even after a lot of foot traffic and 2 large dogs, the floors still look brand new. They are low maintenance, easy to clean and are the highlight of the house. We love the hardwoods so much that we don’t have any rugs.”


As a real estate agent who looks at houses and flooring every day, this is by far the best investment we have made for the house. Not only do we get to enjoy them every day, but they will also help with resale. Name – Bob Clarkson

Project Details

Material Used – White Oak, Traditional Character
STAIN USED – Minwax Provincial

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